How to Build a Computer? (TNB)

The New Boston is one of my favourite places on internet. It provides great tutorials on Adobe products such as After Effects, Photoshop and Computer Programming by many languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP and so on.

Recently i watched some videos of another marvelous tutorial serie on The New Boston (TNB) ; “How to Build a Computer?“. The answer is very easy, in my internship at Esenboğa Airport I did a lot of practice on desktop computers. In fact, it was way too much for me back in those days. (Because storage room was so dusty) I also had practice on some thin clients during internship but when it was done i seperated my old Asus laptop to all parts that i could and assembled back. Later i stole harddisk and ram of my old laptop and put them on my current pc Toshiba Satellite A300-15M. It has now 3 gb ram and  370 GB (250+120) harddisk on two seperated disks. Anyways, it’s not relevant with topic, let’s get back to the TNB. I recommend everyone who considers to assemble his/her own pc to watch this tutorial serie.

You can reach “How to Build a Computer” tutorial from here:

And check out tutorial categories, maybe you can find something you would like to see 😉

What i read about old times, once upon a time everyone was fixing their own car and there were guide books for this. I think nowadays everyone who uses a computer must know how it works or at least which component’ duty such as ram, cpu or etc. There is no magic in computer people, even cats know it!



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