Oracle Database 12C


Yesterday i received an e-mail from Oracle that announced the Oracle Database 12C is now available for download off the Oracle Technology Network. I think i can try to make a simple explenation what’s new about it but i don’t think it will be as accurate as Oracle’s itself. (Should i remove “itself” or should i not? I’m always confused with this grammar rule :S )

Anyway, a direct quote from the mail:

Oracle Database 12c introduces a new, multitenant architecture that makes it easy to deploy and manage database clouds. Innovative features such as pluggable databases—for consolidating multiple databases quickly—and automatic data optimisation—for compressing data at a higher density—maximise resource efficiency and flexibility.

No other database platform lets you consolidate and compress faster, more efficiently, and more reliably than Oracle Database 12c.

Register for our July 11 launch Webcast to hear what customers and Oracle experts are saying about Oracle Database 12c. And as an added bonus, Oracle President Mark Hurd will introduce this new release and Tom Kyte will highlight his top 12 features of Oracle Database 12c.


And then today i received another mail from Oracle University which says it is now possible to get an hands-on training for Oracle Database 12C but the thing is, beside half of the trainings were scheduled as online, the other half (which is face to face) is mostly available only in Prague, Bratislava, Bucharest, Warsaw, Zagreb and Ljubliana. Currently, i’m in no position to neither effort nor needing this kind of training but i cannot wonder why the trainings on TR too expensive? Even %5 discount doesn’t help me that much.. 😦 I just checked the list, training prices varies in the the range of 1000 TRY  – 5500 TRY. Although it’s still good deal to learn how to consolidate multiple databases quickly and other new goodies


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