Developing Phone Book App with Visual Studio’s RAD Extension LightSwitch – 1

So I was surfing on the internet and then again i found myself reading some stuff about programming, then i read it, then i practiced it, then i turned it into a small project. It’s not really a big deal but i think it might make some ground for my azure studies. So i’m gonna write it anyway.

The project that i develop is a simple Phone Book application. As i mentioned, the project itself is not a big deal because i’ve developing programs like these since my prep school in university. What i liked it is developing it with Microsoft’s RAD (Rapid Application Development) extension LightSwitch. Some call it framework, i don’t know which one is true but it makes really really fast to develop programs that require only crud(create , read , update, delete) operations.

Currently I’m using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – So i integrated LightSwitch 2011 with it, but it has 2012 version which i think integrates with Visual Studio’s 2012 version.

Anyway, all i did is designing database table, and defining Screens of the Program. Rest of the job was done by LigjtSwitch. For now, i’m just posting screenshots but i’m definitely gonna make some more posts about LightSwitch like how i developed this phone book program step-by-step and deploying LightSwitch app into azure websites..






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